Apple Ginger

The Rum NPK Apple-Ginger is a light white rum, with an alcohol volume of 35%. It is a artfully flavored with delicious apple and fresh ginger.

This new flavor is modern and tonic. The sweetness of the apple well pronounced in this rum is accentuated by the last sensual notes of the fresh ginger.

In “shots” or cocktails, this audacious and doubly delicious rum can be joyfully consumed throughout the evening. It will brings a perfect new and trendy touch to your favorites cocktails.

The Rum NPK Apple-Ginger can also be drink in an easy mix with ginger ale or other soft drinks, fruit juice, tonic water or energy drinks.


Hibiscus Royal

The Rum NPK Hibiscus Royal is surprising. It is a light white rum with 35% of alcohol volume, flavored with some beautiful hibiscus flowers of Mauritius island.

This rum adds a new and original touch to the rum universe. It is perfect to create a tropical feeling in your favorites drinks in all occasions.

The rum NPK Hibiscus Royal’ softness and finesse make it a key ingredient for the concoction of delicious cocktails. It is also delightful in simple shots drinks.

This delicious rum revels simply by easy mix with soda, tonic water, energy drinks or fruit juices.



The Rum NPK Melon is a premium white rum, with an alcohol percentage of 35%, subtly flavored with fresh melon.

This rum freshness and delicacy give a feeling of relaxing vacations under a beautiful summer sun.

Its refreshing melon taste offer to this rum a tonic note. It is exquisite in shots and it will match perfectly with a large range of different cocktails.

This rum is perfect for easy mix with fruit juices, energy drinks, tonic water, sparkling water or with soft drinks.



NPK Pineapple Rum is a light white rum, 35% of alcohol by volume, flavored with the famous and delicious “Victoria’s pineapple”, 100% natural and Mauritian.

Its tropical flavor and freshness will bring you a feeling of holidays the islands. Round and delicate on the palate, it will make you travel.

This rum is ideal to make shots or to use as a base for your favorite cocktails. It will nicely surprise you with its unique taste.
It can also be drink in an easy mix with fruit juice, sparkling water, soft drinks, tonic water or energy drinks.


Black Cherry

The Rum NPK Black Cherry is a delicate white rum, with an alcohol volume of 35%. It is deliciously flavored with some beautiful, fresh and juicy black cherries.

Its inebriating flavor brings back our childhood memories, the air wrapped with the succulent mouth-watering smell of black cherries.

This flavored rum is sweet, tender and generous. It is exquisite in both “shot” and “long drink”.

It can wonderfully be use in a surprisingly wide list of cocktails, with multitudes of combinations.

This sweet rum can also be consume in an easy mix with soft drinks, juices, energy drinks or tonic.